Japanese Mon Tattoo

Today a woman of Japanese descent came in for her hereditary family crest. A classic design, a delicate celebration of her heritage, a bold first tattoo.

This particular mon features "kiri", or Paulownia, leaves and flowers.

Japanese Mon Tattoo by Pat Fish

Japanese Mon Tattoo by Pat Fish

"Mon (紋), also monshō (紋章), mondokoro (紋所), and kamon (家紋), are Japanese emblems used to decorate and identify an individual or family. While mon is an encompassing term that may refer to any such device, kamon and mondokoro refer specifically to emblems used to identify a family.

The devices are similar to the badges and coats of arms in European heraldic tradition, which likewise are used to identify individuals and families. Monare often referred to as crests in Western literature, another European heraldic device similar to the mon in function." -Wikipedia