Celtic Gauntlet Tattoo Design

The idea of wearing the look of a knight in chainmaille armor appeals to many men, even those who present occupation may be quite civilized. The use of Celtic knotwork to wrap a body part is a puzzle, with many weaves to join up, but the result is worth the effort.

image1081-gauntlet-photo 2.jpg

King's Braid Forearm Band Celtic Tattoo Design

For many years the most frequent tattoos I did were Celtic bands and crosses. Each has their own unique challenge. For a band, it is to make the pattern retain symmetry and to have the point where the pattern repeat meets up invisible. That requires measuring and tweaking, made easy with Photoshop but also with the use of such simple tools as a rubber band around the arm to mark the level edge.

Kings' Brain Celtic tattoo by Pat Fish

Kings' Brain Celtic tattoo by Pat Fish

Fireman's Dragon Half-Sleeve Tattoo Design

A wildland firefighter called to California to suppress major fires took a break to come get a second tattoo, this one a tribute to the strength of his heritage and the courage of his profession. A Celtic cross fills the center, surrounded by weaves of knotwork that fill the arm and continue with the tail wrapping to the inside of the arm.

Fireman's Dragon Half-Sleeve

Fireman's Dragon Half-Sleeve

Heart Feather Tattoo Design

A sweet heart centers a flowing feather. Lightness of spirit, flight and freedom, in a delicate tattoo. For this woman it was a way to always remember how the feathers tied in her horse's mane float in the air when they ride out on the trails.