Celtic DNA Family Tree Tattoo

Today I did a most symbolic Tree of Life. The client had sequenced his genome several years ago on a genetic testing site and opted in to be told about any links that came up in the system. To his amazement he was recently contacted and informed that he has a half sister on the West Coast! He flew 3,000 miles to meet her and to get this tattoo that celebrates the DNA connection that has given him more family! And both he and his sister now know about the infertility treatments by which they were conceived that had been a secret in both families. And they are thanking the anonymous sperm donor who was their common father.

Celtic DNA Family Tree Tattoo by Pat Fish

Celtic DNA Family Tree Tattoo by Pat Fish

UPDATE!  We just received a lovely testimonial from this client:

"I just returned from a trip to Dublin with my wife and 5 year old son. We made it a point to go see the Book Of Kells at Trinity College. Awesome experience. My little guy looked at the artwork on the pages and says to me, "Daddy, those look just like your tattoos!" I call that a wonderful endorsement for you and your art. Thanks again!"

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