Piper's Chanter Celtic Cross Tattoo

Today a piper came to fulfill a dream, to get a permanent symbol of her musical enthusiasm, a Celtic cross using the bagpipe chanter as the central element. It is unusual enough that she is a woman piper, but now she will be the only one with this unique tattoo under her kilt.

The inscription "Ceòl Mòr" is Scottish Gaelic for "Great Music" and designates the older style that she finds especially poignant and endearing.

Piper's Celtic Cross Tattoo by Pat Fish

Piper's Celtic Cross Tattoo by Pat Fish

"The chanter is the part of the bagpipe upon which the player creates the melody. It consists of a number of finger-holes, and in its simpler forms looks similar to a recorder." -Wikipedia

"Pibroch, Piobaireachd or Ceòl Mòr is an art music genre associated primarily with the Scottish Highlands that is characterised by extended compositions with a melodic theme and elaborate formal variations. Strictly meaning "piping" in Scottish Gaelic, piobaireachd has for some four centuries been music of the Great Highland Bagpipe.  Music of a similar nature, predating the adoption on the Highland pipes, has historically been played on the wire-strung Gaelic harp (clarsach) and later on the Scottish fiddle, and this form is undergoing a revival." -Wikipedia