Tattoo appointments are available now to have custom tattoos done by Pat Fish. It is to be hoped that reading through this website has inspired you to want to advance to epidermal embellishment. Making a deposit to secure an appointment is the next step. Using the online shopping cart to "purchase" an appointment deposit is safe and easy; so when you are ready:

CLICK HERE to make your deposit.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are under a physician’s care, have a chronic skin condition, or have other health issues that could interfere with getting or healing a tattoo, please contact us before making a deposit -

Once you have legitimized your intention to get a tattoo by making an appointment deposit, you are welcome to come to the studio before your appointment to browse the extensive archives, discuss design ideas, etc. Click here to visit the "Designing Your Custom Tattoo" page.  If you are interested in a very large and/or highly custom piece, it is best that you plan to consult in person at the studio before the date of your appointment.  Usually I like to try to arrange this consultation for the day before your installation. For more information about custom designs and how I work, check out the Getting a Custom Tattoo page.

And please don't anticipate that it will be a long wait to get an appointment. Unlike artists who play hard to get and say they have a waiting list of many months, I work on a quick turn around and can often fit you in within a few weeks. Of course if you are able to come on a weekday that will likely make it sooner, but you can always hope for a cancellation. If you know you want to BE ART then make it happen!


The Studio is open, by appointment, on variable days. Work days start at noon and often run until late. If you are thinking about just dropping by without an appointment, please read our FAQ page. 

Maps, directions, and links to hotels and tourist options to enhance your stay in Santa Barbara can be found on the Tattoo Tourism page


Before every tattoo the client is shown a movie detailing the procedures followed to make sure the equipment is sterile and the tattoo safe. After every tattoo the client is asked to watch a video which explains in detail our recommendations for a proper healing regimen. It explains what to do, and also WHY, so that it makes sense and is easier to remember.  You can view both of these on the Tattoo Care and Safety Procedures page.


You can have a Pat Fish original installed by your local artist if you purchase the flash at the LuckyFish Art store.  The images come in a PDF that is immediately downloadable. Sometimes if you want a design you see in the store but want changes made to it, it is possible that could be something that I could do at a distance. But if the pattern needs mesurements or wraps around a body part it is not something that can be done without us working together in person. You can also find LuckyFish souvenirs featuring Pat Fish original art by going to the LuckyFish Artifact CafePress store. 



Hopefully the material on those pages will be helpful to you. If you have questions that are not answered here or in the FAQ, please email the artist directly at

Or you can try calling the studio at
but, please understand that I do not answer the phone while in the middle of a tattoo, something you will be glad of when YOU are in the chair. Also, because the studio is not open every day, "phone-tag" is a much slower method of communication than email. 

So, thank you for your interest, and in advance for your patronage . . .