Pictish V-Rod and Crescent Tattoo

Decades ago I tattooed this friend with a mark of his disillusioned youth.  It was appropriate then, and for many years, but he outgrew the attitude it represented. So today we replaced it with an ancient mysterious symbol from the Pictish people of Scotland. Centuries ago it was carved on a stone, and now it lives again in the skin of this modern warrior. People who delay or reject getting a tattoo because they think they might change, or live to regret it, do well to remember that a skilled artist can design a clever and effective cover-up.

Pictish V-Rod and Crescent Tattoo by Pat Fish

Pictish V-Rod and Crescent Tattoo by Pat Fish

The V-Rod crescent is said to represent a time of harmony, when the swords of war have been broken and peace reigned in the land.


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