'Boy Man Sage' Celtic Tattoo

The simplicity of a Celtic knot conveys a timeless link to heritage as well as the aesthetics of the wearer. This knot is two triquetras interlaced, and is rendered in a way that uses color in the background to bring the weaving lines forward, and creates a shield.

Two triangles inextricably interwoven, representing the stages of growth in a Man's life. The boy who grows to be a man, who then matures to be a wise sage. The outer triangle is the physical body growing, and the inner is the spiritual heart and intellect within.

The pattern for this design is available for purchase and immediate download here: http://www.luckyfishart.com/boymansage.html

This image now available as imprinted clothing and accessories: http://www.cafepress.com/luckyfish/3422759