Bob Baxter of has compiled his 
list of the Top 101 Most Influential People In Tattooing, and I am honored to be included!


Here's the entry: 


"Pat Fish is the Queen of Celts (or, as Lyle Tuttle calls her, "The Queen of Knots") for her love of the intricate interlace knotwork designs found in early Roman mosaics and most recently popularized by the Irish, Scottish and Welsh. With degrees in Studio Art and Film studies and a seventeen-year stint as a magazine writer, Pat started tattooing at thirty, under the tutelage of the legendary Cliff Raven. "I went to the person who I thought was the best," says Pat. "I got my first tattoo from Cliff and then asked if he would teach me. He said yes, and that was all there was to it." But that's not all for this award-winning artist, who, since 1984, has owned and operated Tattoo Santa Barbara in the beautiful coastal community of Santa Barbara, California. Pat should also be congratulated for her well-orchestrated resource website for artists of all kinds who love Celtic design as much as she does. And a double pat on the back for telling 'em likes she sees 'em, which has not always met with unanimous approval by certain old-school segments of the tattoo community who consider the art form a secret society immune from modern constraints such as income taxes, fair wages and Workers' Compensation."