Uffington Cuff Tattoo

It is true, I have a strong fondness for the ethnic traditional art of the Picts, my ancestors. So when a client comes in who wishes work in that style I give it my all. I feel like I am bringing something important back alive when I put historical patterns in skin. Today we combined a V-rod crescent from an ancient Pictish standing stone, La Tene style spirals, and the silhouette of the Uffington white horse earthwork to make this unique ankle cuff. The client came with clear ideas about elements she wanted to include, but it took a lot of collaboration with her, myself, and my clever employee Colin Fraser to bring all the elements together in one cohesive pattern.


The white horse of Uffington is one of the most significant prehistoric earth works in Briton, and this ankle cuff combines that primordial design with the Pictish V-Rod and La Tene style spirals. All the different ancient styles blend together into a seamless design, European tribal art that lives again in skin.