Celtic 'Serpent Dragon' Calf Wrap Tattoo

UPDATE: See the finished product here: http://www.luckyfish.com/blog/celtic-serpent-dragon-tattoo-completion

Today I began a full lower leg wrap of Celtic knots that have a serpent dragon entwined within. I thought it might be instructive to post what one day's work achieves for such an ambitious project. Of course, we spent several hours in preparation yesterday, measuring and designing, to be able to get this accomplished today.

Celtic 'Serpent Dragon' Calf Wrap Tattoo by Pat Fish

Celtic 'Serpent Dragon' Calf Wrap Tattoo by Pat Fish


Here is the charcoal rubbing that I made on one of my trips to Ireland that was the starting point and inspiration for this tattoo. I have many grave and monument rubbings in my archives, and it was a great pleasure that this client, who has worked in Ireland, was struck by this design and asked that it be the knot from which the leg wrap was built.

For every tattoo I do I prepare a drawing that lets the client see the final result. I usually make several, so that the visualization process is made easier and they can choose a style or shading method by comparing and contrasting. In this case we will be finishing the pattern all in black and grey, but this is the colored version that is included in the image file.